Banking and Corporate Finance

D espite scarce resources, businesses need funds to grow. Sourcing for suitable funds and arranging the modalities for such can sometimes be complex.

We advise corporate institutions, individuals etc on the most effective ways of going about their financial transactions. Some of the areas we render services include;

  • Drafting and review of documents relating to loan and finance agreements or mortgages.
  • Bank Customer relationship.
  • Debt Recovery and collections, Factoring etc.
  • Facility documentation.
  • Compliance with banking regulations.

Corporate & Commercial Law

  • Cross-border investment/acquisitions, including review and advice on entry strategy into Nigeria and capital structuring and transfers for foreign investors.
  • Due diligence.
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization through mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, management buy-out/buy-in, capital reconstruction, asset stripping and disposals and liquidation.
  • Drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, partnerships, consortium agreements and strategic alliances.
  • Drafting and negotiating cross-border franchising, distribution and agency agreements.
  • Real estate transactions of various kinds.
  • Employment.
  • Commercial arbitration.
  • Litigation, advisory and management services.
  • Licensing/regulatory compliance and advisory services.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

I n our efforts to help our clients grow their business, we make sure that disputes where they arise are resolved quickly and at less cost. In fact we embark on litigation only as a last resort because experience has shown clearly that most times, it makes more commercial sense to explore and activate more effective and expeditious means of dispute resolution besides litigation which at times can be time consuming particularly if there are technical issues involved. We however cover the following areas;

  • Corporate & Commercial litigations.
  • Arbitration & other ADRs.
  • Administration & Public law litigation.

Employment Law

T he Nigerian Labour system is unique. We offer legal advisory services and representation in the following areas of Labour Law practice:

  • General Employment Law;
  • Arbitration and Mediation;
  • Collective Bargaining Issues and Strike Management;
  • Disciplinary investigations and enquiries;
  • Employment Contracts and Collection Agreements;
  • Employment Discrimination;
  • Employment Litigation;
  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolutions;
  • Pension.

Business Intelligence

A new entrant in the Nigerian business environment will always face the challenge of doing business in a new legal environment. How does he partner with the right person to achieve the best and avoid costly mistakes?

We do our best to provide answers by giving quality and reliable Country specific business intelligence and legal advice/representation apposite to the Nigerian environment.

The new investor will find that he/she needs help to be guided through the Nigerian unique way of doing things, and more or less our services in Business intelligence will provide those answers he/she needs.

We provide reliable and relevant information which will help our clients make decisions about potential investments and partners in Nigeria. We conduct our investigations within the law, but go the extra mile to dig out any relevant information which helps resolve our clients’ issues. We are responsive, strategic, global and better problem solvers because we know how to get the facts accurately, efficiently and by so doing, honestly help our clients achieve their goals.

Government Relations

In this area of our law practice we cover business/government relationships. We help businesses in the following areas:

  • Compliance Procedures & Practice.
  • Immigration & Expatriate Quotas.
  • Licenses & Permits.
  • Relations with government agencies.

Intellectual Property

The need to protect the intellectual property rights of clients is very obvious particularly in an environment that has not fully developed such as ours where abuses abound.

In these areas, we offer the following services:

  • Registration, Protection and Enforcement of Trademarks.
  • Patents, Designs and Copyrights.
  • Renewals, Change of Names & Addresses.
  • Assignments/Mergers.
  • Objections.
  • Anti–Counterfeiting /IP litigation.

Our Law firm has successfully handled several trademark cases both in Court and out of Court by way of favourable settlements to the benefit of our clients.

Property Law

The conveyancing services provided by our firm include:

  • Advising on and drafting of commercial and residential leases;
  • Commercial and residential developments, including township establishment and sectional title developments;
  • Conventional transfers of properties, as well as transfers as a result of or in terms of liquidations, auctions, Court orders, foreclosures, divorces, donations and deceased and insolvent estates;
  • Financial structuring of property transactions;
  • Miscellaneous applications, consents and endorsements required in the conveyancing process;
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements relating to the sale of properties, both residential and commercial.

Private Client Services

In this area we offer very strict confidentiality in our specialized private client services among which are:

  • Wills & Trusts.
  • Inheritance.
  • Private wealth.

Company Secretarial Services

We act as Company Secretaries to a number of Companies and Organizations as well as retained external Solicitors under a retainership Agreement on mutually beneficial terms.